Amsterdam Billiards Cafe & Bar specializes in FUN: We offer 11,000 square feet of pool, ping pong, darts, foosball and beer pong! We can now include a giant Jenga and Connect Four in your private party area as well with any of our party packages!

POOL: Let us help your game! Practice makes perfect! We have 25 Brunswick pool tables waiting for you.

PING PONG: Amsterdam Billiards Cafe & Bar is proud to present the new addition of our ping pong tables! You can now rent a ping pong table by the hour! Our pricing is per person per hour. We are now offering ping pong in our private party packages for your next NYC corporate party! Call us at 212-995-0333 to inquire about pricing or reserving your ping pong table today!

DARTS: We have four dart boards within our venue. Grab a drink at the bar and throw some darts. It’s free!

BEER PONG: Ask the bartender for a bucket of beer, cups and a few ping pong balls and drink the night away! Beer pong is also a new and fun New York City party idea that we offer at Amsterdam Billiards Cafe & Bar.

GIANT JENGA & LARGE CONNECT FOUR: We can now include a Giant Jenga and Large Connect Four in your private party area with any of our open bar drink & play packages.

FOOSBALL: Score at Amsterdam Billiards Cafe & Bar! We have one coin-operated foosball table near the bar! Stop by for a game of foosball.

Amsterdam Billiards - Foosball
Amsterdam Billiards - Beer Pong


  • Pool and Ping Pong reservations range from $100-120 per table per hour and typically require at least 24 hours notice.
  • Tables are not reserved until full payment is received.
  • Reservation pricing does not include food or drinks.
  • Maximum of 6 people are allowed per table.
  • All tables will be next to each other if you reserve multiple tables.
  • Ask for a more private area and we can curtain and/or rope the area away from the rest of the venue.
  • Email to complete reservation.


Please fill out the form below and we will email you a payment link to confirm reservation.

Reservation Rate: $100 per table per hour on Sundays-Wednesdays and $120 per table per hour on Thursdays-Saturdays. We allow up to 6 people per table.

    How many pool, ping pong or beer pong tables?

    Darts, large jenga, connect four, outside cake fee?